A Tale of Two Coreys
A Tale of Two Coreys (2018)
Rated: 6
(Justin Casey feelings and Bleach) (Marcano, Elijah Bosley and Scott) Feldman and Haim The Lost Boys fame and quickly became a blockbuster movie after meeting on the set of young Hollywood heartthrobs skyrocketed. Drive and Dream a little dream, and License to be basked in Tinseltown royalty, such as popular comedy at an early age they're recording. But the star rose quickly, started to turn infinite control of their life with sex and drugs. Fame and wealth increases, dark secrets haunted them. Over the years, industry insiders exposed of sexual abuse in the hands of young, impressionable players. Studio offers are drying up and their reputations being tabloid journalists, Feldman finally got around to find sober, get married and with his son he returned to life. Even the two Corey's Haim Feldman, however, took a downward spiral and the two continued role in their own reality when it can't save him.
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